Did The Amity Affliction have a right to single out Trump supporters at a US show?
Did The Amity Affliction have a right to single out Trump supporters at a US show? Supplied

'Go home': Trump supporters upset by Qld band's comments

GYMPIE'S metalcore rockers The Amity Affliction are at the centre of a social media storm after calling out Trump supporters at one of their shows.

Vocalist Joel Birch, who lives on the Sunshine Coast and is a vocal Trump critic on his social media accounts, has taken to Twitter to defend himself after video footage has emerged of him asking Trump supporters to "leave that s--- at the door or go home" at the band's show in Las Vegas over the weekend.

"If you want to wear that s---, and you want to walk around and make other people uncomfortable because you hold a certain set of beliefs about other human beings, please leave that s--- at the f------ door or go home," he said on stage.

But what's unclear in the clip is if Birch's comments are directed at one teen pictured in a Trump jersey, a number of people in the crowd or more generally.

After the show Birch defended his comments in a string of tweets, which have since been deleted, saying he wanted the band's shows to be a safe haven for fans. He also said his comments have been misconstrued. 

"What I said tonight was much more balanced than I could have been, and wanted to be. Just like I wouldn't wear an atheist tee to church, I expect people to exercise a certain decorum when attending our shows," he wrote.

He also shared a message directly from the fan pictured in the video, 17-year-old Degan Palmer, who told Music Feeds he was annoyed by the incident. 

"For [Birch] to call me out on Twitter was very amusing to me," he said.

"He can have his own opinions on politics and I don't care, but the fact that he is giving me crap for supporting Trump when he isn't even a US citizen was very funny to me and many others."

Some fans have jumped to the band's defence, while others claim ticket holders have the freedom to wear whatever they like to a concert and that there's nothing wrong with showing support for the US President. 

Even though Birch has tweeted that he won't be commenting further, the controversy is unlikely to die down any time soon as the band continues its co-headlining tour across the US with Sense Fail.

Joe Briggs, @Rambobiggs, tweeted that Birch will see "a lot of Trump people" at the band's upcoming show in Orlando, Florida.

Mr Briggs then tweeted: "He doesn't know the s--- storm he's stirred up. Everyone I know in Florida is about to make his Orlando show trumptastic".