Robyn Lawley.
Robyn Lawley. Facebook

Plus-size model, Robyn Lawley, says she hasn't lost weight

ROBYN Lawley has slammed media after several reports stated that the model had lost weight.

The 24-year-old, who is known for her curves, posted a picture of herself in workout gear on Instagram.

Celebrity Fix stated that she was "baring a tighter tum than we'd previously seen" in the photo.

The photo which was posted with the caption, "The best kind of exercise? The one when you jump and dance around like there's no tomorrow to awesome music!!" garnered over 1300 likes and 70 comments, most of which said she was not plus size and that she lost weight.

"It's not that this is a plus size, but obviously she has lost weight since she first started modelling plus size swimwear. And you know what, that's up to her if she want's to become more trim and slim, good on her. But yes this is not plus size 'anymore', so she probably won't be modelling plus size sizes anymore," Stephywaby commented on the photo.

The controversial photo Robyn Lawley posted to Facebook and Instagram.
The controversial photo Robyn Lawley posted to Facebook and Instagram. Facebook

But the stunning model has posted to her Facebook page stating that she hasn't lost any weight.

"I feel slightly ridiculous that I'm doing this but I'm an open book and I always want the truth known," she wrote.

"Countless articles are posting that I've recently had a dramatic weight loss.

"The photo I took was through a mirror and I'm a model so I know how to pose in the most flattering ways.

"However... I have not lost weight."

She went on to say that she has started hot yoga and kick-boxing and that she doesn't ever starve herself or diet she just tries to stay as healthy as possible and that's what she wants for others as well.

"I want women to embrace themselves as they are and to take action on doing things that make them empowered like martial arts or a sport of some kind," she continued.

"When you focus your energy on becoming stronger you start to feel better about yourself. I feel amazing and I hope to continue to break down barriers."