Police impressed with Bluesfest

BYRON Bay businesses and police have given Bluesfest 2011 the big thumbs-up as the clean up gets undewrway after the biggest festival in 22 years.

Tweed-Byron Local Area Commander, Superintendent Stuart Wilkins, said the majority of festival goers were well behaved and had a good time.

"It’s good to see that the crowd focus was on the music and not on criminal or anti-social behaviour," he said.

"There were only a handful of minor anti-social incidents at the festival resulting in seven people being issued court attendance notices."

Police conducted 315 personal searches plus 146 drug dog detections which resulted in 128 cannabis cautions notices being issued.

Only 16 people were issued court attendance notices for drug related offences - mostly for possession of cannabis and amphetamines.

 Byron United president Sevegne Newton said the boost in trade to Byron Bay and surrounding towns and villages was 'sensational'.

"This was easily the best Bluesfest I've had in the eight years I've been in town - personally my business was up 30 per cent," she said.

"Speaking to cafes, restaurants, bottle shops and other retailers, everybody is saying it was a great Bluesfest.

"The combination of the longer weekend with school holidays had a major impact on local business, though shorter than Christmas, it was probably more successful for retailers."