Police officer 'called dog over' and shot it three times

AN UNNAMED police officer has come under fire after video footage appears to show him calling over a dog before shooting and killing it with his sidearm.

The officer, from Cleburne, Texas, had been called out to a disturbance where three pitbulls were said to be acting in a very aggressive manner and not letting people exit a vehicle.

But the officer has now been criticised for his handling of the incident after footage from a body camera he was wearing appears to show him making kissing sounds at what look like two fairly sedate dogs before shooting three times.

To call the dog and act like you're going to be sweet to the dog, and you just blatantly shoot it, I don't think that's right at all.

Virginia Granger, local resident

According to CBS Local, a spokesperson for Cleburne police said the city is concerned about the video, but that it does not tell the whole story.

The police department say the officer was attempting to secure the dogs until animal control arrived when one dog bared its teeth, growled and approached the policeman.

A Facebook page, called Justice for Maximus, the dog in question, has been set up calling for the officer to be suspended.