Violent moment that led to boy, 10, being shot


A 10-year-old Australian boy ran into his room and hid under his bed after being shot by two masked offenders while his father fought them off and his wife watched on.

Police have revealed horrifying details of the Boxing Day attack which left the boy and his father with shocking injuries as a large scale manhunt is underway for the robbers who shot them.

The father, 31, managed to grab weapons from the two offenders and is understood to have bashed them with their own gun during the home invasion at Brown Plains, south of Brisbane.

"From what I've seen he (father) seems like a good bloke," one neighbour told 7 News, identified as Michael.

It began at about 7.40pm after the man heard his dogs barking outside his home. Police described the incident as an attempted armed robbery.

When the father went to investigate, he was confronted by masked men dressed in dark clothing. His wife was inside at the time of the attack.

One of the men was armed with what appeared to be a machete and another had a firearm. The men never spoke during the attack.

According to Detective Inspector for Logan District Criminal Investigation Branch Tod Reid, a struggle ensued and the man's son was shot in his left shoulder by a longround firearm.

The father had thrown a can of paint at one of the offenders and the firearm was discharged as a result of that, police said.

"Dad didn't know that his child was out there with him. I'd like to think the offenders didn't know that either and the child was shot by accident but that's something we'll be looking at.

"For a 10-year-old to be shot is something we take very seriously.

"The child retreated inside the residence and hidden under his bed at which time the father has engaged in a violent struggle with the two men," Detective Inspector Reid said.

In a heroic display, the father managed to disarm both masked men of the gun and machete but sustained a number of injuries to his torso, face and arms.

"The victim was able to take it (firearm) from the offenders, out of their hands, use it as a weapon back against them and kept it for us in the residence.

"He actually managed to injure the offenders in the process as well," Detective Inspector Reid said.

A 10-year-old boy is in hospital after being shot during a home invasion on Boxing Day Picture: Richard Walker
A 10-year-old boy is in hospital after being shot during a home invasion on Boxing Day Picture: Richard Walker

The masked men then fled over the back fence but a firearm was recovered by police.

Detective Inspector Reid said the men would likely have been injured and sustained facial injuries after the father "struck them a number of times with their own firearm".

"They'll have come home last night and been injured. Someone will know who they are. These men are out there, someone is going to know who they are so please, call police."

The boy, who was left seriously injured, was undergoing surgery at Lady Cilento Children's Hospital on Wednesday morning as police pleaded with the public to help track down the masked offenders.

The trauma of such an event would "resonate" with the boy for years to come, police said.

Both are expected to make a full recovery, "thank god", said Detective Inspector Reid.

"They've shot a 10-year-old child, on Boxing Day" he said. "This is an abhorrent crime.

"We want to solve it but we need your help."

Officers have asked for anyone who may have seen the two men to contact Policelink on 131 444 or Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.