Police presence on Tweed roads will increase

WITH the fun and excitement of school holidays upon us again, NSW Police have put out renewed calls for road safety.

Family road trips are one of the great joys of the holiday season but with a high volume of cars on the road, driver awareness is critical.

NSW Police's Northern Road Traffic tactician, Peter McMenamin, said there would be a higher police presence on the roads over the school holiday period.

"In this period with the warmer weather, fatigue management and distracted driving is what we will be focused on," he said.

"You need to drive to the conditions and make sure you are well rested and prepared before you drive.

"Make sure we have had a good sleep the night before."

Drivers using mobile phones has become an increasing issue for road safety.

Mr McMenamin said the best course of action for anyone driving is to simply put the phone away.

"Put it somewhere you can't see it and just ignore it," he said.

"All of you attention, ability and skills needs to be focused on driving."