Police use taser on naked teen in 'acid' meltdown

POLICE have been forced to use pepper spray and repeatedly taser a 15-year-old boy in a manic drug meltdown on a Sunshine Coast street.

Buderim resident Owen Jacques was at his home yesterday about 8.30pm when he first heard the teenager, who was in another house in the street.

"We started hearing this screaming and yelling and shouting," Mr Jacques said.

The noise became louder as the teenager came out of the house and began running up and down the street naked and screaming.

Another girl was heard yelling "help me, help me".

Mr Jacques described the noise the boy was making as "guttural, almost like roaring".

"It sounded like someone who was having some sort of breakdown," he said.

Police and paramedics arrived before 9pm as the boy's aggression escalated, and tried to calm him down.

"While responding, police were confronted with an aggressive male affected by an unknown substance who repeatedly attempted to assault people present including officers," police said in a statement released this morning.

"Officers issued several warnings before deploying use of force options such as a OC spray and eventually a taser."

Mr Jacques said police were forced to taser the boy two to three times before he could finally be handcuffed, but he continued to put up resistance until he was loaded into an ambulance in a stretcher.

"It took a lot to subdue him," Mr Jacques said.

At the time Mr Jacques was outside supporting the boy's friends as they spoke to emergency services and contacted parents.

"They said they were taking acid," Mr Jacques said.

"They didn't know how to calm him down... these kids had no idea how to handle the situation."

Mr Jacques said the boy did not live in the home, but was part of a group staying with a friend whose parents were away camping.

He said the group seemed like a bunch of normal teenagers, and were forthcoming with police officers and paramedics about what had happened.

A Queensland Ambulance Service spokeswoman this morning confirmed two patients had been taken from the scene to the Sunshine Coast University Hospital after the incident, with both in a stable condition.

The spokeswoman could not give any further details on the second patient.