A police tent has been set up at the scene of a fatal shooting at Central Station in Sydney.
A police tent has been set up at the scene of a fatal shooting at Central Station in Sydney. PERRY DUFFIN

Police were right to shoot - florist

THE Sydney flower store owner who had a broken bottle held to his throat moments before police killed his attacker says police were right to shoot.

Emmanuel Theo-Haris, 73, told The Daily Telegraph he was forced to fight off a man, identified yesterday as 30-year-old Danukul Mokmool, after he was grabbed from behind about 6.30 on Wednesday night in his shop at Central Station.

Graphic video from the scene shows uniformed and plain clothed officers surrounding the florist shop and ordering the man out.

He can then be seen charging out of the shop before four gunshots ring out and the man drops.

"I was just trying to serve someone and they put their arm around my neck and I thought it was a joke but then I saw a broken bottle,” said Mr Theo-Haris, sporting a small wound on his neck.

"I used my thumb to push him away and then I ran and someone called the police.

"He was yelling for someone to call the police. He stole scissors and trashed everything.

"Police did the right thing ... they had no choice.”

Mr Theo-Haris moved to Australia from Greece 51 years ago.

"Of course I would come back to work, why not?” he said. "What else would I do?”

Mr Theo-Haris said he was just glad to be alive.

"I feel sorry for the young man but I could have been killed so I am also happy,” he said. "I have lots of friends here so I wanted to come back into work.”

Police have launched a critical incident investigainto the fatal shooting.

Witness Nathan Yin was standing near an entrance to Central Station when he saw a man approach the florist and start "breaking everything”.

"A man came from nowhere,” Mr Yin told news.com.au.

"He tried to grab an old man, the florist owner, and he was pulling him and yelling at him.

"I said, 'What the f*ck do you want?' and he said, 'I just want to die'.

"I took off my bag and yelled at him, I tried to get him to stop.”

Mr Yin said he called police, who arrived within five minutes. He says that's when the situation escalated.

"The man, I think he was holding scissors and trying to grab police and the police have shot him,” he said.

"Three or four gunshots. I was right there and I tried to escape the gunfire.

"I saw him go down. I think he got hit all over the body and he went down straight away.”

SBS reporter Andrea Booth at the scene said witnesses described the man saying "Shoot me” to police and holding scissors in his hand.

A worker at a nearby store said: "I heard screaming. I heard 'Put it down, put it down' and then there were three or four gunshots.”