Letter of the day: Politeness of local drivers make my day

AFTER weeks of news terror by ISIL, corruption in high places and the endless calamities in Canberra I have felt something of a sensory overload. Listening to my beloved 'Aunty' on the way to work and home really brings it home.

But that drive also provided a welcome display of good manners and patience.

The various ongoing roadworks on Ballina Road in Goonellabah can be testing but I am amazed and admire the drivers who day in, day out approach the closed lanes in a single queue quietly waiting their turn to pass the bottleneck.

Coming from Sydney originally and my frequent drives to Brisbane and the Gold Coast show the usual driving duels and dodgems racing toward traffic bottlenecks that cities are plagued with.

This patience is a reflection of the overall good spirit of the country towns. It gave me a reality check; the world around us may have its troubles but we are a home to good drivers and good people. And to that end I tip my cap to you.

Mark Warwick,