The Princes Freeway, from the Point Wilson overpass. Picture: Mitch Bear
The Princes Freeway, from the Point Wilson overpass. Picture: Mitch Bear

Poll shows 90% have considered a blockade

"DO SOMETHING, do not just talk about it." 

That's the view of Big Rigs reader, Tualua Linden, who was one of the many social media users who shared their opinions on blockades in response an opinion piece published in Big Rigs about Operation Rolling Thunder.

A massive 90 percent of poll respondents said they have considered participating in a blockade at one time or another. 

Readers were asked the question "Have you as a driver ever considered participating in a blockade?" and 499 out of 550 respondents said yes. 

Truckies said they would not take it lying down. 

Tualua Linden: "Most of drivers are willing to park up and spend time with families. Just call the nation wide, park up 3 to 4 days for All truck drivers, and put the end to all these abuse on all the truck drivers."

Breto Gauld: "No blockade, fill out a time of leave without pay for personal needs. A week of no income could be worth so much for many years on down the road. Sacrifice a little to gain a lot."

Paddy Macnamara: "I've thought about this for years and believe the answer is to travel on all freeways etc at 30 ks under speed limit all day everyday across all lanes for three weeks causing untold disruption."

Sheree Hayes: "A truck driver would see more accidents than your normal jo blow, assist with accidents and be first on the scene than anyone else, pull over and help a women out if they had a flat in the middle of no where, they are up and down the roads day and night. They have to deal with some idiotic person that wants to take on a truck to take there own life, and not all the time the innocent truck driver survives, and then they have to deal with being treated like criminals everyday, just to earn a weekly wage to feed there family. It's getting ridiculous."

Blockades through time

  • 1979 Razorback: In a push against road taxes five truckies began a blockade on the Hume Highway outside of Picton on April 3. More than 2000 other owner-drivers joined their stand across Australia.
  • 1988 Yass: 15,000 interstate truckies were prevented from travelling on the Hume Highway by a group of just 12 protesters. The blockade ended five days with a major promise to recommend that state governments freeze federal interstate truck registration fees.
  • 2003 North Coast: Members of the Long Distance Owners and Drivers Association blocked either side of the Macksville bridge. The action fighting for better conditions led to 100 trucks backing up on either side of the two-lane bridge. Ultimately, after speaking to police, drivers agreed as a show of good faith to lift the blockade.
  • 2005 Fuel fight: Truck drivers blocked major roads around the country in September in frustration at rising petrol prices. Blockades were set up at Rockhampton in Queensland, Gundagai in NSW and in Western Australia.