Poll results reveal the Aussie public backs Labor's NBN

LABOR appears to have won the early battles in the broadband policy war, with two polls out on Monday showing people prefer its plan despite it costing more and taking longer to build.

Under the Coalition's plan for a slower, cheaper version of the national broadband network, fibre would be run to the street corner and taken the rest of the way to homes using the existing copper network.

In contrast, fibre is being run directly to people's homes under Labor's NBN, resulting in dramatically faster internet speeds.

The Coalition says the trade off for slower speeds is a smaller bill (about $17 billion less) and an earlier completion date (2019 compared to 2021).

But just like the technology industry, which has widely criticised the Coalition's plan, voters also appear to be sceptical.

Essential Vision asked people which of the plans they preferred, with 54% of people giving the nod to Labor's NBN.
Just 23% of respondents said they supported the Coalition's plan, while a further 23% said they did not know.

Support for the NBN was strongest among 18-34 year olds, with 61% saying they supported the government's policy compared to just 15% for the Coalition plan.

Interestingly 31% of Coalition voters said they supported the existing NBN, with 46% opting for the opposition's plan.

A Nielsen poll of 1400 people showed that 63% of respondents who had heard of the NBN supported it, compared to just 41% for the Coalition's plan.