‘Pool of blood’: Trio sentenced for Macca’s axe attack

A young Logan trio have been sentenced for a drunken brawl between two groups which saw multiple people assaulted and one victim, whose birthday it was, "lying in a pool of his blood" after an axe was plunged into his head

Cornubia woman Taliha Lynn Jenkins, 20, and Shailer Park man Tyson James Harding, 22, both appeared in Beenleigh District Court on Monday charged with acts intended to cause grievous bodily harm and assault occasioning bodily harm in company.

They appeared alongside a third co-accused, Beenleigh teen Mitchell Roy Bailey, 19, who was charged with acts intended to cause grievous bodily harm and common assault.

Jenkins was also charged with affray.

Bethania woman Taliha Lynn Jenkins, 20. Picture: Alex Treacy
Bethania woman Taliha Lynn Jenkins, 20. Picture: Alex Treacy

The court heard the sickening brawl and assaults occurred in the early hours of March 24 last year at various locations outside the McDonalds, Subway and Caltex service station on Chambers Flat Rd at Waterford West.

Crown prosecutor Stephen Muir told the court the incident was preceded by "anti-social behaviour" and alcohol consumption in respect of both young groups, with the court hearing Harding had been drinking since 1pm the previous afternoon.

Beenleigh teen Mitchell Roy Bailey. Picture: Facebook
Beenleigh teen Mitchell Roy Bailey. Picture: Facebook

The brawl and axe attack was sparked by a trivial dispute which occurred while the two groups were waiting in line at the McDonalds, which then spilt outside, including to the carparks of neighbouring businesses Subway and Caltex, the court heard.

"At the key moment, Jenkins revealed an axe she had been concealing behind her back," Mr Muir said.

"The victim's group was backing away when she handed the axe to Harding and the defendants then engaged physically with the group.

"The victim was retreating and holding his hands up in a submissive gesture (when Harding struck him with the axe).

"The defendants' group fled the scene, leaving the victim lying in a pool of blood."

The court heard the trio then burnt the axe at Karawatha Forest Park to conceal evidence, but this was recorded by Bailey on his phone, which came into police possession.

When interviewed by police, Jenkins "gave a self-serving account of the assault, Bailey lied about knowledge of the axe but once video was found of the axe being burnt he was more forthcoming, while Harding made admissions," Mr Muir said.

It was not understood why Jenkins had the axe, but the court heard it was contained in one of the cars used by the trio to travel to the McDonalds.

Jenkins' assault occasioning bodily harm charge related to the 29-year-old girlfriend of the 25-year-old axe victim, while Bailey's common assault related to a third victim.

The trio pleaded guilty on all counts.

Bailey was sentenced to three years' jail with immediate parole, after the court accepted his role in the affair was the least.

Jenkins was sentenced to serve six months of a three-year sentence, after which she will be released on parole.

Harding was sentenced to seven years' jail and declared as having been convicted of a Serious Violent Offence, meaning he will have to serve at least 80 per cent of his sentence before being eligible for parole.

Harding has already spent 619 days in custody.

Originally published as 'Pool of blood': Trio sentenced for Macca's axe attack