Minyon Falls has dried up during the region's unusually dry summer.
Minyon Falls has dried up during the region's unusually dry summer. Vision Walks Eco Tours

Popular waterfall turns bone-dry

IT'S like taking the lighthouse out of Byron: Minyon Falls has lost its waterfall.

In peak tourist season, the popular hinterland hiking spot has turned from a trickle to a bone-dry cliff face in our driest January on record.

Vision Walks Eco Tours owner and operator Wendy Bithell said she had been warning visitors the waterfalls were not flowing.

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Is a waterfall with no water just a fall?

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Ms Bithell also warned against swimming in the stagnant water at the base of the falls.

She said while the falls would periodically dry up during long periods without rain, this was uncommon for January.

"It dries up a few times a year when it doesn't rain," she said.

"But it usually dries up in winter."

She said it was "very unusual" for the stunning landmark to have no water flow in the summer months.

In response to this, she said the tour company was avoiding their usual sight-seeing visit to the falls.

"We're just warning people they can't swim there and there's no waterfall," she said.

Ms Bithell said some rain the region received in December had kept "a trickle" of water on the cliff.

But she believed it had dried up early last month.

Now, she's holding out hope the region will soon receive a good deluge.

"I'm hoping we're going to get some in February," she said.

"Let's do a rain dance."

Ms Bithell said clear skies and dry weather had, however, proved positive to their star-gazing night visits to the falls.