The Lismore Lake Pool is in a state of disrepair after being closed.
The Lismore Lake Pool is in a state of disrepair after being closed.

Possible lifeline thrown for divisive Lismore Lake Pool

THE Lismore Lake pool has once again re-surfaced and will come up for discussion at the Lismore City Council's meeting on Tuesday (October 13).

Deputy mayor Neil Marks is set to move a motion which proposes to develop expressions of interest to seek willing parties to take over the land for the lake pool.

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The motion also proposes developing a leasing or licensing framework that would enable interested parties to make applications for grants, community funding and representations to government regarding the lake pool.

Cr Marks said this motion represented an opportunity for the community to 'set a leading example'.

"Councils are interesting beasts in that you can't volunteer to do things for council and you can't fundraise as such so if we lease it, gift it, through expression of interests groups who might be able to take it on it gives that permission, were I guess if you lease it you technically own it," he said.

"There are organisations who have worked hard before to fundraise … we have the capacity in our community to grab hold of projects so this a way for those organisations to be able to set a leading example."

Cr Marks said after being closed for the past decade, the pool was looking 'unloved'.

"It looks unloved, it is an entrance way to our city so it's not what you'd like to have there as the first sight of someone coming to Lismore so if we can get someone that can take it on … we don't even have the money to clean it up, bulldoze it and put a nice grassy mound there."

"Asking the community group to do what the council can't do maybe the way to satisfy the problem."

The Lismore Lake pool has been a divisive local issue for a long period of time.

Earlier this year, LCC and Page MP Kevin Hogan were locked in a debate regarding an alleged $2 million dollar funding offer for the lake pool.