Woman jumps in front of cop car after argument with posties

THE Lennox Head postmaster has written to Ballina Shire Council to complain about a cafe patron who is repeatedly parking in a mail zone area and obstructing deliveries.

According to a report to the Local Traffic Committee, the postmaster has made an "urgent request" for the parking zone to be changed to a loading zone.

A 7.4m section of kerb adjacent to the post office in Ballina Street, Lennox Head, has mail zone restrictions between 8-9 am and 2.30-3.30pm, Monday to Friday.

From 9am-2.30pm and 3.30-5pm Monday to Friday, and 8.30am-12.30pm on Saturdays, it is a quarter-hour parking zone.

But posties want it to be converted to a loading zone.

Lennox Head posties are calling for a loading zone in the main street.
Lennox Head posties are calling for a loading zone in the main street.

"Reason for the urgent request is that a member of the public is taking advantage of the 1/4P to daily make a point of parking there and going to a cafe," the postmaster explained in a letter to the council.

"By doing so she is obstructing my AP (Australia Post) delivery contractors from being able to unload their parcels and picking up and delivering their oversized parcels.

"As a result they are having to double park outside the front of the post office (and) obstruct traffic.

"The member of the public has been asked to move on to allow and unloading but has refused and threatened contacting police."

In one incident in October, when the woman was reportedly parked in the zone, a mail contractor double parked next to her to unload his parcels.

"A confrontation ensued. A police vehicle then was travelling southbound past the parking spot in question when suddenly the member of the public suddenly jumped out in front of the police vehicle," the postmaster wrote.

"The police vehicle only had just enough time to stop to prevent running her over.

"This has now escalated to a serious safety concern.

"I told the police officer that I was the process of contacting Ballina Shire Council to have the sign changed to a loading zone.

"The police officer requested the sign be changed as soon as possible."

The parking issue was first raised by the post office and mail contractors in 2018.

With it continuing to be an issue, and in fact escalating to become a "significant safety problem", the council's traffic committee is now recommending the implementation of a loading zone.

The matter will be discussed at the traffic committee meeting on Wednesday.