Inquiry to examine how natural disasters affect fuel supply

THE POTENTIAL impacts of natural disasters on Australia's essential fuel supplies will come under the spotlight in a new bipartisan Senate inquiry launched today.

After being raised in previous inquiries on disasters including the Queensland floods in recent years, Australia's fuel security has been an ongoing concern.

Democratic Labour Party Senator John Madigan, with Liberal, Labor, and several crossbench colleagues today got the Senate's approval for the inquiry.

"Considering official figures indicate that we have 12 days of diesel stock and 17 days of aviation fuel, I couldn't stand by and not act," Senator Madigan said.

It would look at, he said, the long-term downward trend in Australia's resilience to potential natural or economic crises which could hit vital fuel supplies for the island nation.

The inquiry will examine the extent of Australia's fuel supplies and potential for the nation to withstand foreign price spikes or domestic disasters.