SWAN Creek residents have raised concerns over the disrepair of Four Mile Lane, warning if something isn't done soon to fix up the potholes and road width, a serious crash will be unavoidable.

For the past 30 years, Doug Purnell has been living in the area, and he says he hasn't seen the road as bad as it is now.

With motorists' GPS navigation sending them along Four Mile Lane as a short-cut to avoid highway works, Mr Purnell said the road was a safety concern.

"I'm fed up with it, because the traffic goes through here 90 to 100km/h and they don't know the road.

"The locals have got to get off the road to avoid them hitting you," he said.

"People are using this road as a highway, but the council don't see it that way.

"Two people came through here one day and they hit a hole and they both hit the roof (in their car).

"The whole road is a safety concern. There hasn't been any crashes yet, thankfully, but with the road the way it is, I don't think that will be for too much longer."

Mr Purnell said at least seven residents along Four Mile Lane had received car damage and punctured tyres as a result of the deteriorating condition of the road.

"I want some repairs done to the road, and Clarence Valley Council to spend some money out here to fix it up," he said.

"Council have been out here but they patch it rough, they patch some holes but they don't patch them all."