Praised by Vin Diesel: Local stuntman hot Hollywood property

Hollywood giant Vin Diesel has praised his stuntman, Rosebank local Jack Field, in a video from the set of his latest xXx film in Toronto, that's since gone viral online.
Hollywood giant Vin Diesel has praised his stuntman, Rosebank local Jack Field, in a video from the set of his latest xXx film in Toronto, that's since gone viral online. Contributed

LOCAL stuntman and motorcycle champion Jack Field has been praised by one of Hollywood's giants, Vin Diesel, from the set of his latest xXx film, Return of Xander.

Jack, 28, has spent the last few months in Toronto, Canada, training Vin Diesel in motorcycle stunts for the action-packed third xXx instalment, due for release in 2017.

"(This is) my coach, Jack Field, that I'm really lucky to have cause he's so committed to making everything authentic and making everything cutting edge and progressive," Vin Diesel said in a video on set with Jack, that's gone viral with more than 1.5 million views since it was posted on social media Monday afternoon.

"He flew all the way in from Australia to be a part of this movie and to lend his skill and his talents and his wisdom to creating the new Xander."

Another awesome day of training getting the legend Vin Diesel ready for the new XXX Movie!

Posted by JACK FIELD on Sunday, February 21, 2016

The former Lismore High School student said his growing Hollywood resume had all been the result of word-of-mouth reference.

"Vin had seen some of my stuff on the motorcycles so (he) had his guys give me a call and fly me over to help out with getting him ready," he said.

"I worked in Namibia on the latest Mad Max movie before heading over to Wolverine with Hugh Jackman then late last year filmed a new movie with Dwayne "the Rock" Johnson and Kevin Hart called Central Intelligence that's due out mid this year."

When asked about Vin Diesel's progress, Jack said the A-list actor had been really pushing himself to fill the part of his character Xander, who is known for his extreme sports.

"Being on set is such an awesome experience working with all these talented people not just the actors but the people behind the scenes the directors, stunt coordinators, riggers, camera operators and stunt doubles are all so much fun to get along with," he said.

"We work hard and do long days but we have fun so that's what counts."

Despite the highly technical stunts, Jack said the hardest part of his job was being away from home so often.

"I travel with my partner Rhianna most of the time so that makes it a lot easier," he said.

"She does a lot behind the scenes for me from making sure my bike is prepped and ready to go to checking the ramps and jumps to make sure they are safe or just calming me down when I have a big stunt to perform.

"Although she is back in Australia right now holding down the fort keeping the shows running while I'm here in Toronto.

"We have a very busy year as usual always on the road travelling, many shows around Australia along with all our international events.

"We will be back in Australia for the Sydney Royal Easter show for a couple weeks then head straight back to America for the AMA Supercross championship that takes us all over the states along with a few of the Monster Jam shows then onto the Formula E electric car series that will take us to Germany, Russia, France, UK just to name a few."

Despite the hectic international scheduale, Jack said he would be making a few "quick trips" back to Australia "to make sure we don't miss out on our home town events."

When asked if this was something he could have envisioned doing ten years ago, Jack said it was beyond anything he could have imagine.

"It was always a dream but never one I expected would actually come true," he said.

"A lot of people say I'm very lucky to be doing what I love but one thing I have always noticed is the harder you work the luckier you get."