She was eight months pregnant when he choked her. (File)
She was eight months pregnant when he choked her. (File) Funky Data/iStock

Pregnant woman choked, told 'you don't deserve the baby'

HE HAD a bad start in life - but instead of breaking the cycles of violence and drug abuse, he continued them.

Matthew Brett McTeare attacked a woman who was 32 weeks pregnant, choking her and blocking a bedroom door to stop her leaving.

He also told the woman that if she left him, she would not "deserve" the baby, and would be a bad mother.

The 34-year-old was sentenced on Friday at Brisbane District Court for domestic violence offences, including choking.

Born in NSW, McTeare previously lived in Bundaberg.

He has appeared in courts in Ipswich and Rockhampton.

The physical violence erupted after a verbal argument when McTeare called the woman a "slut," "f---head" and "dumb bitch".

Defence counsel Michael Bonasia said the 34-year-old had a rough upbringing.

Physically abusive relatives introduced McTeare to amphetamine when he was just 13, the court was told.

A ward of the state for much of his childhood, McTeare later fathered nine children but only seven were now alive.

The deaths of two children were factors in McTeare intensifying his drug abuse, Mr Bonasia said.

"Sadly some people get a bad start in life, and you appear to be one of them," Judge Julie Ryrie told McTeare.

"You need to break the pattern."

McTeare nodded as he stood in the dock.

Judge Ryrie said McTeare choked the pregnant woman twice, "to the point she was struggling to breathe".

The judge said the unborn baby was luckily unharmed, but the attack was distressing for the expectant mother.

The court heard McTeare had been in Wacol jail and taken courses to improve himself.

One was a program helping inmates tackle ice abuse.

"You haven't sat on your laurels and done nothing," Judge Ryrie told McTeare.

"It sounds like at least some things are happening ... for the better."

She urged McTeare to continue his rehab efforts but added: "Stay away from everybody for the moment, till you get yourself sorted".

McTeare got two years' jail.

For reasons including time already served, he will be released on parole on October 4. -NewsRegional

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