Premier quiet on East Hills MP’s alleged electoral fraud

NSW Premier Mike Baird has dodged questions about East Hills Liberal MP Glenn Brookes's alleged breaches of election laws by using more than $130,000 of his own money for his re-election campaign.

It is illegal for candidates to fund their own campaign unless any payment over $1000 is processed through an official campaign account run by an official agent.

Mr Baird refused to discuss the issue, saying it was up to the Electoral Commission to decide whether there had been any wrongdoing.

The Premier was also asked why he gave the okay for Mr Brookes to award a $28,000 grant to convicted money launderer Carl Trad, who allegedly helped in his election campaign.

The money was granted under the government's Community Building Partnerships program.

"Yes, I've made comments in relation to this matter, that it can be strengthened," he said.

He accused the Opposition of running a smear campaign rather than focusing on government policy.

Labor Leader Luke Foley further attacked Mr Brookes, condemning him for pocketing more than $19,000 a year for a parliamentary committee that has yet to deliver a report in the eight months since he was appointed.

"Mr Baird is running a protection racket for Glenn Brookes. Characters like him should be shown the door," Mr Foley said.

"The Premier has shown his true colours by refusing to act on the clear breaches that occurred in East Hills prior to the last election." -APN NEWSDESK