Styled for sale - less is more.
Styled for sale - less is more. dit26978

Present your home to its full potential for buyers

With property that much more competitive than it has been in years, home styling is increasingly popular in helping people to successfully sell or lease their homes. In ever-increasing demand, home-staging professionals can present your home in a way that prospective homebuyers will visually and emotionally connect to your home.

Homeowners selling family homes, apartments and townhouses make up the majority of those hiring home stagers. However, those leasing their homes as holiday lettings, as well as property developers and savvy real estate agents, also value and employ stylists to maximise their return on investment.

The reality is the majority of homebuyers can't easily look past what's in front of them to appreciate a home's potential. This is where a professional can help to eliminate the guesswork.

Even if you were to style your home yourself, there are some basics that any home stylist will tell you.

Number one, not surprisingly, is to ensure the property is thoroughly cleaned. The next step is to clear any clutter and personal items, as these items can distract buyers and make your space look too busy. Then, when you have finished clearing clutter, have another discerning look around your home and then, clear some more!

Next is to furnish the space with the best quality furniture you can access and then add some fresh, fragrant flowers.

And finally, the master bedroom should appeal to both sexes, so you will need to store any decor that is either too feminine or too masculine.