Prison officers want to wear polo shirts at work.
Prison officers want to wear polo shirts at work.

Guards fight for right to wear polos

PRISON officers want polo shirts in a move that could save taxpayers tens of thousands of dollars despite some describing the clothing as "paramilitary".

It comes as officers say they could faint from heat exhaustion in jails as new safety vests are rolled out by Christmas.

"A polo shirt is a third of the price of our dress shirt," an officer said.

The move would follow the Queensland Police Service which has allowed officers to wear polos instead of business shirts.

Together Union industrial services director Michael Thomas said polos would save the government money as Queensland Corrective Services pay for officer shirts.

"They are much more practical given the Queensland climate especially now vests have been introduced," he said.

"They breathe better. They can be produced in a way that does look smart and professional and makes it a lot more comfortable to do their job."

Polo shirts are often referred to as being paramilitary.

A Queensland Corrective Services spokesman did not answer questions around the costs of each type of shirt.

"Decisions on uniforms for front line staff will be considered ... in coming months," he said.

Thomas Chamberlin