Reported assaults at the jail are concerning, a judge says.
Reported assaults at the jail are concerning, a judge says. Valerie Horton

Prisoner bashed after stolen document taken to jail

AN INMATE was attacked, even while in protective custody, after his home was robbed and a police statement made its way into a Maryborough prison.

The assaults, mentioned at a bail application for Fraser Coast man Brendan James Rafter on Friday, raised concerns from a judge, a defence barrister, and a prosecutor.

Rafter, 32, was accused of stealing fishing gear worth tens of thousands of dollars, and being in possession of drugs including ice.

Crown prosecutor Victoria Adams said Rafter was accused of "numerous offences” between November 2015 and November last year.

She said Maryborough Correctional Centre confirmed an assault on Rafter led to him being moved into protective custody.

"There are further issues which have occurred while he's been in protective custody,” she said.

Defence barrister Adrian Donaldson said proposed bail conditions included a curfew, and Rafter would not be able to go to any international departure points.

Mr Donaldson said initial police estimates Rafter stole $85,000 of fishing gear were excessive.

"When my client was placed in custody his house was broken into,” he said.

After a stolen statement somehow ended up in jail, Rafter was assaulted twice, Mr Donaldson said.

Justice Sue Brown said Rafter faced charges including receiving tainted property, stealing, and unlawful possession of suspected stolen property.

"He also has previous convictions in relation to drug offences.”

His criminal history stretched back more than a decade but Rafter had shown "some insight” that drug abuse was a personal problem, the judge said.

Rafter had indicated he might have a defence for some of the recent allegations, Justice Brown said.

She said her major concerns was Rafter committing offences while on bail.

However, Rafter had a supportive family, Justice Brown said, and she granted him bail.

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