TALENTED: Cecilia and Gabriel Brandolini performing Nirvana's Smells Like Teen Spirit on The Voice Australia 2014. Supplied by Channel 9.
TALENTED: Cecilia and Gabriel Brandolini performing Nirvana's Smells Like Teen Spirit on The Voice Australia 2014. Supplied by Channel 9.

Producer calls singers to audition for The Voice 2019

THE Voice is one nation's most popular music talent contests, and Northern Rivers singers have accomplished great results over the years.

One of those previous participants were Gabriel and Cecilia Brandolini, the brother and sister duo from Clunes that reached the Top 12 in 2014and cemented themselves as some of the up-and-coming talent to come out of the area.

This 2018 season, more than 45,000 potential artists auditioned for a chance to sing in front on the big red chairs for the coaches.

The Australian executive producer of the TV series, ITV's Leigh Aramberri, made a call to Northern NSW singers to audition for the next series.

Are you making a call for regional singers to apply this year?

We have always opened auditions to everyone but know sometimes geographical restrictions can hold people back from applying.

Given how vast Australia is and how over the years we have unearthed incredible talent from far and wide, we want the message to be heard loud and clear: If you can sing, we want you and we want to make it easy for you to apply.

In essence, whether it be via video, Skype or meeting in person, we will come to you. 

Have you had many contestants from regional areas in previous seasons?

We have had some incredible talent represent regional areas.

Most recently, Homegrown from Charters Towers not only gave us incredible harmonies but also such beautiful visuals of rural Australia.

We have had every state represented and every genre, but we really believe it's the year where that gem is hiding somewhere out there and just needs a platform to be heard.

What are you after? Do they need to be amazing looking or is it all about the voice?

Well, as the name implies, it's all about the voice.

The nature of the show has always been that it's a place to give a platform to people that might not have the same opportunity walking into a record label, who are often looking for a specific package.

This is 'voice first'. If you can sing and if you can connect through your audition song, the rest is up to the coaches and each artist's personal development. 

What is the application process like?

It's been made as easy as possible: you submit a video of yourself singing and answer a few simple questions, then we will be in contact.

There is no big cattle call where you are expected to wait all day.

We have an incredibly personal touch, as it's in our best interest to support the talent that might end up on the show, so from day one you are nurtured through the process. 

I guess the main issue for people from regional centres is travel time and possible loss of income, how can that be addressed?

When we invite people to audition to the first round, we ask about distance to the closest audition location, and if it's too far, we will either facilitate the person getting to us or alternatively Skype audition.

Once you are through the audition process the we cover all travel and accommodation costs.