The Niqab head covering. Picture: Jenny Evans
The Niqab head covering. Picture: Jenny Evans

Proposed 'burqa ban' an attack on religious freedoms

CORY Bernardi's push for a ban on wearing burqas in public, and for government to force its views on Australian Muslim women, is a stark contradiction to the human rights offered for every individual living in Australia.

Using political agendas to impose a dress code on how Muslim women should dress themselves goes against the religious freedoms that we promote and value as Australians.

Burqa-wearing women belong to a community that advocates modesty. Whether women wear burqas, scarves or other modest attire to feel comfortable in themselves and uphold their values and morals is completely up to them.

The fact is Islam empowers Muslim women and liberates them from many societal evils. If Islam can promote freedom of choice, then why can't our government?

My faith strongly supports and upholds the empowerment of women; no man or politician can become the custodians of my freedom to choose to dress or not to dress in a particular way.

B. NASIR, Toowoomba

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