ANTI-CSG protesters have been warned they will have to lodge a formal development application with Richmond Valley Council if they want to set up camp at Bentley again.

Any application to the council could take to up to six weeks to process and require a vote by councillors, according to Richmond Valley Council general manager John Walker.

Mr Walker emphasised the council was not opposed to the camp as "a matter of philosophy" but needed to process it properly under planning law.

"If it's going to be there we may as well get it done right, we want to make sure there's water, toilets, and garbage," Mr Walker said.

Last year's camp was "basically unlawful for a long time" after it grew beyond its 200-person limit, he said.

He advised protesters this time to "start earlier rather than later" in making applications to the council.

A spokesman for Energy Minister Anthony Roberts said the Minister was still assessing options following last Friday's Supreme Court decision and had not ruled out an appeal yet.