Police arrive to move protesters from paid parking sites

Update 11.35am: POLICE have arrived at Bangalow, warning protesters to move out of the way for council workers.

Bangalow Chamber of Commerce president Jo Millar said one man has already been removed from the area due to his "aggressive nature" while dealing with the police.

"The police have said to us while they acknowledge our right to protest that we can't interfere with the council workers," Mrs Millar said.

"They've said, 'too bad, tough luck, it's not our problem, Council have got a job to do and you just need to get out of their way'."

Council staff will shortly begin their work down the street and cars that are obstructing their works will have to be moved.


Update 11am: PRESIDENT of the Bangalow Chamber of Commerce, Jo Millar, said the community will not give up: "It's not over till the fat lady sings and there is no fat lady in sight".

"We are looking at taking out an injunction against council and I have made a formal complaint to the RMS," Mrs Millar said.

"The process by which the decision to bring paid parking into Bangalow was actually unlawful.

"Which ever way you cut it that's the truth of it and they can't escape that and we have the truth on our side."

Mrs Millar said she was heading to a meeting with the council this morning to talk with various heads of departments.

"I believe this can be resolved and I believe we can have a win win situation come out of it," she said.

Bangalow Chamber of Commerce president Jo Millar with protesters in Bangalow.
Bangalow Chamber of Commerce president Jo Millar with protesters in Bangalow. Marc Stapelberg

The Action Army down in Bangalow this morning is said to be the group of people that signed up to be apart of the on the ground protest to actively disrupt council from completing their paid parking installation.

"It's called the Action Army, we had a rally on Saturday and there somewhere between 500-700 people and a lot of people put their hands up to be involved in the Action Army that could actively participate in stopping paid parking," Mrs Millar said.

Mrs Millar said she wasn't pleased by councils response to their rally on Saturday.

"Simon Richardson said, 'well Bangalow didn't care at the time so too bad it is going ahead'," Mrs Millar.

"Not really the sort of response you expect from your elected councillors really, very disappointing.

"It's not 10 people, or 20 people or a hundred people, its hundreds and hundreds."

Fight continues: Bangalow Chamber of Commerce president Jo Millar
Fight continues: Bangalow Chamber of Commerce president Jo Millar


Original story 10.30am: RESIDENTS in Bangalow are taking to the Main Street this morning to disrupt the installation of paid parking meters.

Each shop owner and community member have pulled up a seat where Byron Shire Council has indicated each meter will be placed.

Local newsagent in Bangalow, Carolyn Adams, even came out during the middle of her hair appointment to get involved in the protest.

"I am very opposed to paid parking in Bangalow because it's not something the community wants," Mrs Adams said.

"It's certainly not something I want as a business owner because I think it will be very detrimental to my business."

"The bottom line is the people in Bangalow don't want it either."

Mrs Adams has been in town since 7am this morning to strategically park her car in order to block council workers from gaining access to the kerb on Bangalow Road.

She said she can't understand why the council had decided to go ahead when there was such strong opposition within the community.

"Byron Shire Council conducted a survey which I understand the results of that survey were that 62 per cent of the community don't want paid parking here," Mrs Adams said.

"I don't understand why a postal survey for marriage equality that results in 62 per cent means the government brings in marriage equality and yet a 62 per cent vote our Byron Shire council just ignores the people."