Maxwell Edward Gray. Photo Contributed
Maxwell Edward Gray. Photo Contributed Contributed Photo ROK041113gray1

Psychiatrists to give evidence on dangerous offender

TWO psychiatrists will give evidence to determine whether a dangerous offender who sparked a manhunt in Rockhampton in 2013 should have stricter conditions imposed on him.

Under dangerous prisoner laws, the Attorney-General can impose strict conditions on dangerous offenders or apply to the Supreme Court to extend their detention.

Maxwell Edward Gray was a wanted man in Rockhampton in November 2013 when he breached supervision orders on the day he was released.

He allegedly went missing but was back in custody within hours after police found him at a Berserker address.

Gray smoked marijuana, which breached his release conditions.

In September the court will hear whether Gray needs strict conditions imposed on him.

A judge has ordered two psychiatrists give evidence in his case.