PSYCHIC CLAIM: As the search for missing Belgium tourist Theo Hayez continues, a self-proclaimed psychic claimed she had a vision of him in Broken Head.
PSYCHIC CLAIM: As the search for missing Belgium tourist Theo Hayez continues, a self-proclaimed psychic claimed she had a vision of him in Broken Head. Christian Morrow

Psychic claims missing Belgian backpacker is alive

AS THE search for missing Belgian backpacker Theo Hayez continues, a woman claiming to have psychic abilities said she has knowledge of his whereabouts.

On Wednesday a self-proclaimed psychic medium from the Sunshine Coast, Tea Kay took to Facebook to urge residents to conduct a search in Broken Head, and claimed she could 'see' the man missing since May 31 was trapped in a rugged area.

Ms Kay posted on the Byron Bay Community Board she had been using "psychic medium skills to track where Theo Hayez has been (and where he) is at".

"Broken Head needs to be searched ASAP. The rugged part, ocean side," she wrote.

"Please, if anyone is near to there, go out there, listen out for him calling out 'HELP'! Call out to him too. I can 'see' him stuck in an area he did not realise was so rugged. He was walking through bush last night towards the ocean because he could hear it. I 'saw' the moonlight on his face. He is worn out, but has had drinking water from the land.

"Yes there are other things that have happened, as far as I have been able to 'see'. But this is what is most important NOW. People in Broken Head, go out there and call out to him, and listen for his call."

Meanwhile, on June 18 on the same Facebook site, Nicoletta Revis posted what she said was a "CALLOUT (sic) to anyone interested in assisting in the more SPIRITUAL aspect of the SEARCH for THEO HAYEZ.

"Please email me with your thoughts, feelings, visions or guidance to," she posted.

"This information will then be collated and common themes will be highlighted... this information will then be handed to the police for follow up.

"PLEASE ensure you put SPIRITUAL in the subject line and include your full name and phone number in the body of the message, I will not be answering or responding to messages sent via messenger.

"At this stage Theo's family are open to ANY assistance... if this is not your thing... I totally understand and respect your views, but PLEASE REFRAIN from commenting on this thread. THANK YOU."

Her post was well received by others and comments have since been switched off.

Earlier, Lynette Bond posted - "I have contacted my well trusted spiritual reader in NZ and will pm if she has info to add."

Ryan Neville said in a comment while he thought everyone was doing their "very best", he thought search efforts needed "to go a bit deeper", and suggested a 'psychic detective' as "something worth looking at".

"This lady has worked with the FBI in the US. According to her website she calls her self as a well-known psychic detective who has worked on over 600 unsolved cases with city, county, and state Law Enforcement Agencies in 38 states and 6 foreign countries," he wrote.

On another post, Le Wylde said, "This may sound a bit out there, however been wondering such for a couple of days now, there are so many psychics and mediums in the area, can anyone possibly tune in and offer any guidance? Anything is worth a try in the efforts to find him?".