Ballina artist Mitchell Raimund has thanked the Northern Rivers community for embracing his work.
Ballina artist Mitchell Raimund has thanked the Northern Rivers community for embracing his work.

Pub gig for young artist celebrating first commission

HE'S only been living in Ballina for five months, but young artist Mitchell Raimund has already received his first commission.

The Australian Hotel in Ballina has requested a three-part artwork for its venue.

Originally from Queensland, the young man lived in Ballarat, Victoria, before the 22 year old moved here.

"I have been posting my artwork up on community pages online for a little while now," he said.

"I was approached by the manager of the hotel, and asked to do a couple of pieces.

"He wanted a couple of pieces to bring it back to life, and I really appreciate that, he's a very upbeat kind of guy," he said.

The artwork commissioned is planned to be in three pieces and completed before the end of the year.

"I already started work on them.

"This is a great way of self expression for me, being chair-bound, it's another way of me giving back to the community."

The artist has been having a number of requests for artwork online, which he is very thankful for.

"This commission will take most of my work for a while, and people have been very patient with me and I thank them for that."





Mr Raimund completed a Bachelor of Arts from Bond University.

"It was difficult to complete, but once you do the work, you've got the skills and then just do it naturally, and like any other sort of work, it just comes back to you," he said.

The young artist does not let cerebral palsy and epilepsy from following his love for art.

"One of my favourite things to do is abstract art," he said.

"I personally like to do that, because it allows freedom and it can take you literally anywhere.

"I mainly use grey led and then use it as a platform for watercolours.

"The more intricate part of some of my paintings will sometimes take a little bit longer, due to the cerebral palsy, but apart from that, we are good.

"I don't really see myself as someone with a lot of limitations, I can do pretty much everything, and I think the Ballina community is very accepting of people with so-called disabilities. I love living here."