Juggling work and family life can be hard for NETTELs.
Juggling work and family life can be hard for NETTELs. Contributed

PUMCINS vs NETTELS: Which one are you?

DO YOU eat out at fashionable cafes? Would you describe yourself or your partner as a foodie? Open your fridge - is there goat's cheese?

If you answered yes to the above, you more than likely fall into the category of a PUMCINS.

PUMCINS is an acronym coined by demographer Bernard Salt to describe the world of suburban aspirationalism.

At The Northern Star's Future Northern Rivers event on Tuesday Mr Salt revealed the new acronyms he and his team had come up with for new tribes.

PUMCINS: Professional Urban Middle Class In Nice Suburbs

"You can tell PUMCINS men on the weekend wear polo shirts, chinos and boat shoes and PUMCINS women wear their active wear absolutely everywhere," Mr Salt said.

"You can tell from a PUMCINS household if there's goat's cheese in the fridge."

NETTEL: Not Enough Time To Enjoy Life

The NETTELs are the "young power couple 35-45, kids under the age of 15, both partners working, household income more than $180,000 per year," according to Mr Salt.

They are wealthy families with full-time working parents juggling work and child care in order to maintain a high standard of living.

"We make these terms up. My PA came up with the term NETTEL. I wrote a column on it for The Australian...two days later it popped up in the New York Times new word dictionary."

KIPPERS: Kids In Parents Pockets Eroding Retirement Savings

Mr Salt's "personal favourite" are the KIPPERS.

"These are the young 20-something who live at home with the 50-something mum and dad."

LOMBARD: Lots Of Money But A Real Dickhead

This one is self explanatory.

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