Italian duo Crookers head to Stereosonic.
Italian duo Crookers head to Stereosonic. Contributed

Q&A with Crookers

ITALIAN duo Crookers have just returned from their longest tour yet; three weeks in the United States.

Phra and Bot teamed up in 2003 after realising they shared musical tastes, particularly when it came to melding house with hip hop.

Bot took some time to talk to CASSANDRA TOBIN ahead of Stereosonic.

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Tell us about your latest album...
The album is called Dr Gonzo and it's out October 24.

It's very club-oriented. In a way it's very similar to our older style. It's what our old-time fans might expect from us. We've had a very similar approach to making the album to what we had in the past also.

We wanted to make something that was different from everything else out there and I think we've achieved that.

We've really explored different things that might not be traditional house beats without losing the elements which make it work in a club.

You have to be able to dance to it in a club.
Who have you worked with on the release?
We worked with Savage Skulls and Carli on production.

We also worked with Hudson Mohawk, who is a well-respected hip hop artist out of Scotland.

He's a great person and producer and given our history I think he was the biggest deal for us.

We also worked with Style of Eye, Lazy Ants and Bobmo.

You've been to Australia a few times, is there anything you haven't done yet you're thinking this time around it's got to be done?
Yes, actually we go to a lot of places and don't get to see them because the tour is so busy, but my girlfriend's brother is shooting a documentary on Aboriginals in Alice Springs, so I'm hoping to go out there.

You dropped Yolanda Be Cool and D-Cup's We No Speak Americano in one of your sets during your American tour which popped up on, do you play much Aussie music? 
Oh yeah we do, we did work with Waxmotif on the album too and we'll be working with him some more.

Crookers are on the line-up for Stereosonic at RNA Showgrounds, Brisbane, December 4. Tickets from $143.95.