Faker head to Byron Bay.
Faker head to Byron Bay. Contributed

Q&A with Faker

WITH a huge national tour underway to promote their recent third album, Australian alt-rockers Faker are finding the limelight once again. NATALEE RIEDEL speaks with singer Nathan Hudson.

What does Faker fake really well?
The big secret is that we don't fake anything really well. I'm the worst liar on the planet.

What keeps Faker entertained on the road?
It's been a little while since we've been on the road and about three years since we've had a headline tour, but generally the shows and meeting new people.

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What are you looking forward to about getting back on stage?
I love interacting with an audience.

Are you excited to be playing with the Wombats?
Totally. Yeah. They're a really lovely band and being on the road with them will be an absolute treasure.

You're such an enthusiastic performer, where do you get your inspiration?
People! People are exciting to perform to. I come from a large family with lots of siblings and I've always enjoyed having a lot of people around. Celebrating things by singing and dancing, it's the way to live. I'm fond of bands that present people with movement on stage.

What reaction did you receive after going public about being gay?
People were lovely. Everybody has lives and it's fantastic to live in a world where people can kind of talk about it and sing about all kinds of relationships, and I do sing about all kinds of relationships. I wear my heart on my sleeve and that's how I'm happy living.

Most memorable experience of 2011?
I was in Brazil on New Year's Day at the world's oldest samba school. Learning to samba in a place where I couldn't speak much Brazilian or Portuguese and dancing until 6am was pretty amazing. Being on stage will hopefully be the next highlight.

Faker play The Northern Hotel, Byron Bay, from 8.30pm on October 20. Tickets $17.