OshiOne plays at Spkrbox tonight.
OshiOne plays at Spkrbox tonight.

Q&A with OshiOne

Get ready to party as Spkrbox finds its place on the D-floor in Lismore. Founder Joshua Dobbie aka OshiOne tells Pulse about where it's all headed. 

How did you get into DJing?
I started going to outdoor parties when I was 16. I was really inspired by the energy and unity that DJs would bring to the dance floor, so I started to practise and slowly worked my way onto the DJ circuit.

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DJs used to cop flack for not being 'real' musicians - but it seems events like Spkrbox are selling out more than live bands - what do you think attracts people to dance events?
The industry has really changed over the past 10 years, the quality of electronic music has really improved with advances in technology, so many genres have merged and have really pushed underground music into the mainstream. This means a lot more people are exposed to electronic music and are keen to get involved in the scene.

Tell us about your feature film...
We have a feature film in the works, we have filmed all of our Spkrbox events from day one and will be creating a documentary style film based on our parties and the inside life of events management.

What do you hope people get from Spkrbox whether it be an event or the feature film?
We want people to come and get an experience of a festival but indoors, we put a lot of focus on high-end sound and lighting and choose acts that will really create a strong musical experience.

You've got a big mix of DJs playing tonight - what can punters expect from the night?
We have gone with a back-to-back style for this party, which means all the DJs are paired up and play track for track. This style always produces random sparks of inspiration and a fun energy on the dance floor. Stripes and I have a high energy focus with a mix of electro and dub-step.

Spkrbox o-week party is on tonight (Thursday, June 14) at the SCU Unibar with OshiOne, Stripes, Teknizm, M-Phonic and more. Tickets from the venue $10/20.