Teacher banned after having sex with student

A TEACHER repeatedly had sex with a female Year 12 student at her home, when her father was at work, and at his own father's home, a tribunal has heard.

The teacher, whose registration was cancelled in September, has now been banned from reapplying for registration for four years, as a result of disciplinary proceedings.

The 26-year-old teacher, who was the 16-year-old girl's sports coach, began the improper relationship in mid-2017, by contacting her on Instagram and Snapchat.

Within a week or so, the exchanges became sexual and from then until January last year, on numerous occasions the teacher had sex with the student, who lived with her father.

The pair exchanged nude photos on social media and used aliases in their messages, to avoid detection, Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal heard.

After they ended the relationship, after the girl turned 17 and finished school, it was reported to the school by parents of other students who had become aware of it.

The girl's father found out about it when police rang him, but the teacher was not criminally charged, the tribunal heard.

The girl had been terrified about her father finding out about the relationship, but she told police the teacher had not pressured her into having sex with him.

The tribunal heard the teacher, who was registered in 2014, had undergone student protection training in 2016 and 2017.

"We consider that (the teacher's) conduct was exploitative,'' the tribunal found.

"It was not a relationship in a romantic sense. It was, rather, a series of clandestine sexual encounters.

"The relationship was one that the student had to hide from family and friends in order to protect (the teacher).''

While the teacher had used the pretext of being concerned about the girl to initiate private contact, "his goal was gratification rather than assistance'', the tribunal said.

"Had the student been unwilling, she would have found herself in the very awkward situation of having to resist the advances of a significantly older man who was both a teacher and her sports coach.''

The teacher took advantage of the fact that the girl did not have a parent at home after school and he had no regard for her long-term welfare, the tribunal said.

The teacher has expressed remorse, claiming his judgment was clouded at the time by emotional turmoil over his mother's divorce.

The tribunal said any readmission to teaching should be allowed only if Queensland College of Teachers was satisfied by a psychiatric report that the teacher had gained suitable maturity and insight.