Rabbit dumping 'hot spot'

A TEAM of volunteers who rescue and re-home rabbits across the Tweed Shire are calling for pet owners to act responsibly after a spate of dumpings.

Rabbit Rescue Sanctuary director Kim Cooney said while the problem has been ongoing, there had been a recent spike in poor owner behaviour.

She said her teams of rescuers had been flat out trying to save turfed-out bunnies and Casuarina had become a rabbit-dumping "hot-spot".

"The message I'd like to get out to the public is that the dumping of rabbits is illegal in New South Wales, as it is in any state," she said.

"We also want people to be vigilant and if they see someone dumping rabbits, take a photo, their name or their number plate.

"They should be reported and then they will be fined."

The Tweed Shire Council website says it is illegal to release a rabbit into the wild.

"This action can attract a maximum penalty of up to $11,000," it claimed. "Abandoning animals is prohibited under the NSW Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act 1979, with a maximum penalty of $5500 or six months' jail."

Ms Cooney, who works in collaboration with the RSPCA, said any bunnies her team rescued were given veterinarian treatment and desexed before they were fostered out or rehomed.

To adopt a rabbit visit rabbitsanctuary.com.au/