TRACK TRAGEDY: Emergency services workers at the scene of the crash.
TRACK TRAGEDY: Emergency services workers at the scene of the crash.

Race driver killed after mechanical failure, says coroner

A CORONER has found that an unknown mechanical failure caused the fiery car crash that killed professional race car driver Sean Lawrence Guy Edwards at Queensland Raceway at Willowbank in October 2013.

Mr Edwards, who was 26 at the time, was sitting in the passenger seat of a 2004 Porsche 996 GT3 cup car and instructing William Holzheimer when the car crashed head-on with a tyre barrier and concrete wall before bursting into flames.

Mr Edwards died and Mr Holzheimer was taken to hospital and suffered significant injuries.

Following a coronial inquiry into Mr Edwards's death last year, deputy state coroner John Lock handed down his findings this morning.

He said two of the car's front brake pads were worn to dangerous levels, which should have been identified in mechanical inspections the day before the crash.

"This however did not play a part in the cause of the crash," Mr Lock said.

"Rather the crash was caused due to an unknown mechanical failure unrelated to the state of the front brake pads."
He also said there was no specific driver or coaching error which contributed to the crash.

Mr Lock recommended that motor sport regularly bodies develop guidelines for driver coaching and recreational activities conducted on race tracks.

He also said information about the incident should be provided to Porsche, to allow the company to assess whether it was a one-off incident or whether there might be design or manufacturing faults with the particular vehicle.