Racism an issue in move towards Ballina super school

THE principal of Ballina High School says racism is emerging as an issue in the move towards a new super school for the town.

Danny Henman told ABC North Coast this morning that some parents were opposed to the merger of Ballina High School and Southern Cross K-12 School.

A meeting about the amalgamation was held on Monday.

"What they're not saying is why they don't want their students at this site … a lot of this is coming across to the Aboriginal community as racially motivated," Mr Henman told the radio station.

"It's definitely the elephant sitting in the room.

"It's probably something that needs to be addressed.

"Whether that's the actual case or the perception I'm not sure."

Mr Henman said the undertone of the meeting, and particularly after the meeting ended, there were parents who were "clearly upset at what was going on".

"It was almost like an elitist view of their school over Ballina High," he told ABC North Coast.

"But Ballina High will cease to exist. It will no longer be Ballina High School. It be a  completely new high school.

"To move forward I feel this needs to be done.

"I think this is the way forward for … the students of Ballina in general.

"It will provide a state of the art teaching facility."