Ramsay’s expletive-laden MasterChef rant




Spare a thought for this poor bloke.

MasterChef contestant Chris copped the wrath of guest judge Gordon Ramsay on Tuesday night's episode of the Channel 10 cooking show in a grisly exchange over pork belly.

Chris avoiding eye contact at all costs.
Chris avoiding eye contact at all costs.

The long-running series returned to air last night with its new look judging line-up and was a ratings winner with a huge 1.23 million viewers (five city metro) tuning in. That's a better result than the debut episode of MAFS this year and is the highest rating MasterChef launch episode since 2015.

Tuesday night's episode was just as hot, with the 24 contestants split into two teams - blue and green - and tasked with cooking a three-course meal for 120 people.

It was the blue team's main course - pork belly with cauliflower and potato puree - that caused the iconic British chef to throw one of his expletive-laden rants he's perhaps more famous for than his cooking skills.

Ramsay, who is on MasterChef for the rest of the week, became infuriated when Chris started cutting the pork too early before service (to be fair, team captain Ben was on board with cutting it but it was Chris who was in the firing line).

"Why in the f**k is he slicing the pork when it goes dry in a heartbeat?" Ramsay asked Ben.

"Stop slicing the pork!" he screamed at Chris.

"When it steams like that what happens? It goes dry. Slice it as we need it. It's pork belly, not a f**king pork scratchy.

"It's not a banquet it's a restaurant. F**k me."


The pork at question.
The pork at question.

In a dramatic turn of events, judges Melissa, Jock and Andy praised the pork, saying it was cooked "well", however weren't wowed by the overall dish.

"I think the pork is really yummy, it's cooked well, we got crispy crackling so that's a big thumbs up," Andy said, with the other judges agreeing.

The pork nightmare didn't end there.

Jumbo pork.
Jumbo pork.

Inconsistent portion sizes meant the blue team ran out of pork belly and didn't have enough to serve.

"Blue team, your dish lacked finesse, the puree was grainy, and the portion control with the pork was totally out of whack," Jock said.

"Ours was a big portion, too big, I'd say. And by the end of service there wasn't enough pork to go around."

Thus, the blue team lost and will now appear in Sunday's elimination.

MasterChef airs weeknights and Sunday on Channel 10 at 7.30pm

Originally published as Ramsay's expletive-laden MasterChef rant

Gordon making eye contact at all costs.
Gordon making eye contact at all costs.