Alex Rance is gone for the season.
Alex Rance is gone for the season.

Rance pulls pin on comeback bid

RICHMOND superstar Alex Rance has pulled the pin on his comeback bid from a knee reconstruction.

Rance told teammates on Wednesday his unlikely attempt to return to the field this season had failed.

He has spent months rehabilitating the knee injured in the season opener against Carlton, but will now concentrate on a return for the same match next year.

The news come just a week after Rance had said how optimistic he felt about playing again this campaign.

"I am ever the optimist and potentially a little bit reckless," he said last week.

"It probably goes with the way I play and all that kind of stuff.

"I'll be heavily pushing to play. But I have got to think about the club holistically.

"If it happens again, what will that do not only to myself but the club and my mates? That is one thing I will have to wrap my head around but I will make that call next week."