Rates and wste management rises....

Well, I just used less water than I have for a year and my bill this quarter is up by $80 and in total over $600. I am a single person with minimal water usage and waste and try to conserve where possible.

With regards to waste management, I don't require my recycling bin to be collected every fortnight, and my other bins are rarely past quarter full. Yet I pay the same as the family of 6 next door who sometimes put their excess into my bins! I am not complaining about that, I am happy to help, but why should I pay the same for waste disposal as they do?

Is it possible to be assessed by household numbers, or can we elect not to have a service every fortnight if we don't need it?

I would like to raise his issue with council as I feel the fees are becoming totally outrageous and unfair given these circumstances.

Yours Faithfully
Gab Murphy of Skennars Head.