Re: Alex Easton's "Family Hit Full Force"

As a single mother I would like to also share how hard I will be hit by the Federal Budget.

I am currently renting for $250 per week (pretty low rent for this area) I also work full time but my wage is not huge $42,000 per year.

Running a household on this even with the Government's Family Tax Benefit parts A and B is really hard.

Most weeks I find I need to rely on my credit card to make ends meant. I now have a credit card bill of $12,000 and am stuggling to pay it off. It seems I pay some off and put some on and get nowhere. 

My two children 11 and 9 also do not do any after school sports or activities as I cant afford it.

The landlord has been talking about putting rent up and it looks like Tony Abbott will be taking more of what I earn. I could even end up homeless with my two children.

I dont sleep well at night due to worry which is effecting my health and my performance at work. Also my relationship with my children suffers as I am always tired, angry and worried.

Tony Abbot might break me and my family.

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