The humble mushie can do wonders for a weak immune system.
The humble mushie can do wonders for a weak immune system. Anastasia Vlastaras

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MUSHROOMS are one ingredient that tends to completely polarize people.

They either love them or hate them, with no middle ground.

When it comes to cooking with them though, it is hard to go wrong.

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Whether you put them in a ragu, a creamy sauce, or roast them with a little butter and garlic, they bring a unique richness to any dish or meal.

While some mushrooms do have a few flecks of dirt on them, never dunk them in water.

The mushies will act like a sponge, and they will not have an at all desirable texture once they are cooked.

If you see some dirt, simply brush it off with a pastry brush.

When buying them, go for firm unblemished mushrooms.

Anything that is soft or wrinkly, leave at the grocer.

I also tend to avoid mushrooms sold in plastic containers as more often than not, the temperature change in storage has caused condensation to form and result in slimy fungus. Never a good thing.

Storage should be done in the vegetable crisper, in the paper bag you bought them in which allows the mushies to breath.

As well as being known to as the meat for vegetarians because of their vitamin B12 qualities, the humble mushie can do wonders for a weak immune system so this winter get into a mushroom risotto rather than cold and flu tablets.

If you are like me, and love to chow down on anything that includes the tasty fungus, we would love to hear from you.

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