Readers tell us their most important State Election issues

IN the lead up to the NSW State Election, we asked our Facebook readers what their top five issues were that they'd like to see addressed in the lead up to the big day. Here's what they said:

Julie Thomas: "The two main issues that concern me are the power sell off... (I don't think it should happen, why sell an asset?), and coal seam gas mining. Surely with our current technology we can go solar. The other issues of course are unemployment, health and the environment. It's time the politicians started to realise that money isn't everything, without our health and our healthy environment we won't be able to enjoy the things that money can bring."

Alstonville Automotive Services: "(1) CSG - want to see a cancellation of licenses and protection of farm land and water. (2) Asset sell off - especially in regards to power and poles/lines. (3) Inquiry into Fair Trading changes in regards to the Automotive industry (4)Registration discounts for clean vehicle technology. (5) TAFE - why it isn't supported and funded."

Leann Hatfield: "CSG, employment, health, education and rural industries."

Elizabeth Vickers: "CSG cancellation, Statewide. TAFE funding and more support for apprenticeships. No sale power asset." John Heaton: "Selling public assets, maintain sufficient funding to TAFE, appropriate public transport in regional areas, funding to public hospitals."

Tony Martin: "Stop making pledges, promises you have no intention of keeping, there is more to NSW then Newcastle, Sydney, (and) Wollongong."

Tash Fuller: "Asset sell offs and CSG cancellations."

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