Mum’s post hits home

A PARENTING blogger's compassionate reminder to people to be kind to the elderly has caused a social media stir.

Adele Barbaro wrote on her "The Real Mumma" Facebook page on Tuesday how she had witnessed no one offering elderly people assistance twice in the past week.

Posting a photo of herself holding a sign that said "One day it will be you," the blogger wrote while one man just needed assistance finding an item in a supermarket, another had fallen.

"Today, I watched an elderly man struggle in the heat, who had obviously had a fall with a huge scrape and blood on his leg," she wrote.

"He walked past people in the cafe, while he slowly made his way to his car.

"Not one person stopped. Or looked. Or acknowledged him."

Ms Barbaro, who said she stopped to help him, then reminded readers to think about their grandparents or parents and how upset they would be if no one stopped to assist them.

"Once upon a time they were you. They were busy, they had work, they had children, they were able," she wrote in the post.

The post, which now has more than 130,000 shares and 12,000 comments, can be read in full here.