Rebl Corp has shut its doors leaving dozens of staff without jobs.
Rebl Corp has shut its doors leaving dozens of staff without jobs. Chloe Lyons

Rebl Corp software owner 'in the dark' after closure

THE head of the company that owns the software subject of Rebl Corp customer's leasing agreements says he's been left in the dark following last week's shock collapse.

Integra Corporation CEO Chris Freeburn discovered Rebl Corp had closed through articles published in the Daily, but said he had been unable to make contact with its director.

Rebl Corp's entities, Media Rebl and Digital Rebl, were put into liquidation last Friday, a day after the office shut its doors leaving about 40 staff without jobs.

"To be quite honest, I'm very much in the dark about what the reasons are for closing, why it closed so suddenly," he said.

"The directors have not called me. I've put out calls to directors and senior management, but I can't get any information from them.

"We've become a creditor with them so they owe us money.

"It would appear we're not going to get paid either."

Integra - which has been operating for 25 years - provided telecommunications for Rebl Corp and purchased customer-relationship management (CRM) software through Rebl which was now run on an Integra server.

When Rebl Corp clients signed up to its "free" 24-month social media package, they signed a contract with Digital Rebl to provide 24 30-second promotional videos and a second contract through with a finance company to lease the CRM software.

Digital Rebl offset the clients' leasing payments, but since the collapse business owners have been concerned they're now locked into contracts with finance companies which could cost them tens of thousands of dollars.

Rebl Corp clients still have access to the CRM, according to Mr Freeburn, who said it was regularly being updated and revised.

"The most important thing for us is that the customers get looked after," Mr Freeburn said.

"We will continue to allow the platform to run and operate.

"We will engage with customers moving forward and we will actually be providing an update to what has happened."