Alstonville bowler Peter Taylor (right) overcame Aaron Teys in the Summerland Singles final at Cherry Street Sports Club, Ballina, earlier this month. Taylor is No 7 in the Australian rankings for December – one place behind Teys.
Alstonville bowler Peter Taylor (right) overcame Aaron Teys in the Summerland Singles final at Cherry Street Sports Club, Ballina, earlier this month. Taylor is No 7 in the Australian rankings for December – one place behind Teys.

Red tape a nightmare for open gender bowls comps

IN WHAT is labelled a "Very important notice to clubs', Northern Rivers District Bowls Association match committee chairman George Newell has forwarded Bowls NSW pennant and championship requirements for women bowlers who wish to play in open gender competitions.

The memo says all female bowlers who have joined Bowls NSW should fill in an interstate pennant declaration and send it to the NSW women's association at office@women'

This would apply even if they are not yet picked to play pennants - they may be asked to fill in at the last minute.

The memo goes on to say all female bowlers who have already played in the men's championships should fill in the application for interstate clearance and send it to the same email address.

"This has been clarified by Women's Bowls NSW and Bowls Australia," the NRDBA match committee chairman says.

Attached notes by Bowls NSW CEO Greg Helm point out that Bowls NSW and Women's Bowls NSW are two separate state and territory associations under the Bowls Australia policy.

Helm says an interstate pennant declaration form is different from an interstate clearance form and does not change a player's nominated club.

He apologises for the inconvenience these requirements may cause bowling members and clubs and advises that an "agreed position" will continue to be reached with Women's Bowls NSW which can be conveyed to Bowls Australia.

My view: on open gender requirements

ONLY now is it becoming clear how unclear the situation is for women bowlers who want to play in pennants and championships that once were the sole domain of men.

Only now do we find out that Women's Bowls NSW and Bowls NSW are regarded by Bowls Australia as separate state entities, hence a heap of red tape regarding interstate declarations and clearances.

The NRDBA and Bowls NSW is doing its best to clear the air over requirements for the women but it will take a bush lawyer to answer all the questions that still remain.

I've said before that the game will benefit eventually by the mixed gender arrangements but it's becoming more and more evident that it won't be introduced without some teething problems.

Taylor among the best

ALSTONVILLE'S big gun Peter Taylor, who has carried all before him at top level in recent times, still retains a place among the best in the Australian rankings for December.

He is ranked No 7, one place behind Ballina product Aaron Teys.

Corey Wedlock is No 1, followed by Canadian Ryan Bester, Aron Sherriff, Kurt Brown and Ben Twist.

In the women's rankings current sensation Genevieve Delves stays at No 1.

World's eyes on Gold Coast

THE list of countries to contest the 2020 World Bowls championships on the Gold Coast on May 26 to June 7 reads like a United Nations inventory.

Among the 36 are places it'd take a world map to find - they are so little known it is an indication of how the game of bowls has spread to every corner of the globe.

For the Gold Coast to continue as the world bowls venue it is the culmination of five years of major events such as the Australian Open held there annually since 2015 and the 2018 Commonwealth Games.

At the world championships to be held at Broadbeach, Musgrave Hill and Helensvale clubs, Australia will be vying to beat the glittering haul of five gold medals from eight disciplines the last time the event was held in this country - at Adelaide in 2012.

BPL line-up fixed

TEAMS have been confirmed for the 11th instalment of the popular televised Bowls Premier League to be held at Moama on February 25-28.

It is a change of venue from Brisbane's Pine Rivers club.

Host club the Murray Steamers has made the most significant of personnel moves, with the signing of world champion Kiwi Jo Edwards, formerly of the Brisbane Pirates and the New Zealand Blackjacks.

Aaron Teys, whose team the Tweed Heads Ospreys won the title last year with him being named the tournaments's most valuable player, will be back again with Kurt Brown and Chloe Stewart.

Board membership choices

BOWLS Victoria has interesting thoughts on board membership, covering all aspects that a potential new board member should know.

For instance, it advocates the sitting board to have discussions and agree on what is needed around the table for the next three to five years.

"This places the current board members in the prime position of matching that description with someone they know and can convince to stand for the board," the item says. "Unfortunately this default recruitment method can mean the board is filled with the same type of people all thinking the same things and may lead to the best person for the organisation not being appointed or even getting a chance to apply in the first place."

Lessons to be learned from the west

OVER in the west the pennant competition is divided into 21 country leagues apart from that of the metropolitan area. The season runs from October to April.

Each of the country leagues is responsible for the running of pennants and other league competitions and has its own rules.

The system must work - West Aussie pennants started in 1901 and has progressed to be the driving force of bowls in that state.

And speaking of progress - while Bowls NSW for years has fiddled with amalgamation with the women's association, the west unified way back in 2004.