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Reeva Steenkamp "wanted to leave" Oscar Pistorius

REEVA Steenkamp was trying to flee Oscar Pistorius' home at the time of her death, chief prosecutor Gerrie Nel has claimed in court today.

The model was attempting to escape the London 2012 Paralympian's house in Pretoria, South Africa, following an argument just before he shot her dead through the bathroom door, chief prosecutor Gerrie Nel has claimed during the athlete's murder trial.

Attempting to pick holes in Oscar's argument that he mistook his then-girlfriend for an intruder, the prosecutor said: "Why would she leave her jeans on the floor if everything else is in her overnight bag? She wanted to leave, and you weren't sleeping, you were both awake and there was an argument."

He also refuted the double-amputee's version of events that she hadn't eaten for hours before she was shot dead in the early hours of 14 February last year.

Gerrie added: "That is, as far as your case is concerned, devastating for your version that eight hours after she was killed, there was still that amount of food in her stomach. I put it to you that she must have eaten within two hours of her death."

Oscar broke down in tears several times, forcing the court to adjourn, as he was asked to clarify supposed inconsistencies in his story and was accused of using his emotional behaviour as an "escape".

The prosecutor said: "Today I'm going to prove your version of events is untrue. That you tailored your version, concocted your story.

"Your version is so improbable that it cannot reasonably possibly be true."

He also ferociously quizzed the Paralympian over his account that he had heard a door closing in the toilet, making him believe intruders might be there.

He said: "There's not a single word of the door shutting in your bail statement, why not?"

Oscar replied, "I'm not sure - I don't know why", while Gerrie continued, "It's even more devastating that it's not in your plea statement", adding, "It's because you invented it."

The cross-examination continues.