Regions hungry for Solar power

MORE than half of all solar panels and hot water heaters are being installed in homes in rural and regional Australia, an analysis of renewable energy data revealed on Tuesday.

The analysis of data from the Clean Energy Regulator was completed by the REC Agents Association, an industry group which links solar providers and installers.

It revealed 53% of all solar photovoltaic (PV) panels and solar hot water systems were installed in rural and regional areas.

Of home renewable energy systems installed in the capitals, solar panels and hot water systems were also more likely to be installed in outer suburban areas - the mortgage belt.

RAA president Ric Brazzale said the research "shattered the myth" that solar energy was a play-thing of inner city elites.

"Four million Australian now have solar panels or solar hot water systems on the roofs of their homes or businesses, supported by the Renewable Energy Target, and last year Australia installed more residential solar panel systems than any other country," he said.

"No-one loves solar more than Australians living in the outer suburbs of our big cities and in regional towns across the country."