THAT'S A PADDLIN': Locals set off on the protest paddle at the weekend.
THAT'S A PADDLIN': Locals set off on the protest paddle at the weekend. Krackaphoto

Register concern on West Byron

RESISTENCE to plans for two large developments at West Byron has continued, with locals staging a paddle out at Belongil Creek at the weekend to highlight concerns over the size and impact of the development.

Parliamentary secretary for the North Coast Ben Franklin has echoed some of those reservations over the development, urging locals to make a submission to the Joint Regional Planning Panel before the end of March.

"As a Byron resident, I too have serious and genuine concerns about the development - particularly with regard to its size and scale,” Mr Franklin said.

"I note the resistance to the project from many residents is due to the lack of appropriate infrastructure, environmental concerns and increased traffic and congestion in our town.

"I also believe the existing infrastructure is inadequate for such a development. If it is approved it is critical that the JRPP put in place conditions that address the nature of the development and the infrastructure necessary to deal with it.

"It is also vital that they address concerns regarding the potential environmental impact of the development.

"We do need more affordable housing, however this must not come at the cost of destroying our town.”

Byron Bay Labor believes the West Byron developments are a recipe for chaos and are calling on Mr Franklin to demand the minister intervene on both the proposed developments at West Byron.

"The developers' traffic numbers show tens of thousands of extra cars will be added to the already clogged Ewingsdale Rd,” Byron Labor secretary Asren Pugh said.

"With 3m of fill and an additional few metres of sound wall right along Ewingsdale Rd, people won't know whether they are entering Byron Bay or the Gold Coast.

"Labor has never supported this development.”

Submissions can be made to